Sunday, September 12, 2010

Go Ahead and Tweet, but Don't Forget About Your Family and Friends!!

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I'm starting to notice that Social Media is not only very popular, but it can for some be very addictive and overwhelming. Many feel that if they haven't tweeted about something, no matter how relevant or not so relevant it is; then they have failed. I can totally understand why many would feel this way. I've seen people post stuff like, "I unfollow people who haven't tweeted in more than three days or people will post things like if you're not tweeting daily, don't follow me. How cruel and unperson-able is that? It's like you are made to feel you have to send 10 messages to some people, just to get their approval, why? I mean keep in mind, building relationships on line via social media, should be more than trying to get the " I tweeted the most " award. It should not only be about products, service, marketing, networking and getting information; it should also be about family, friends, pets, photos and people’s lives as well. Keep in mind, you're not tweeting programmable robots, ( I mean I hope not ) you're tweeting humans who happen to have families and friends, with things they want to share other than what "you " think they should be tweeting.

I have come up with ways to become more personable on the web and build stronger relationships with not only brands, but the people behind them.

1. Check out their "real" profile. Many people have sites that link directly from twitter so you can see what their really about. Look at what they do and find out whom "they" are and if this is a person you could see yourself sitting down having a cup of coffee with. If it's interesting to you and you think you may benefit from what they stand for, then follow them not only to get information, but to build an online relationship.

2.Take the time to not only follow them, but sometimes when they tweet, respond back with @???? and your feedback or comment. Many times they will respond if they saw it, sometimes not, but at least you've done your part. Doing this shows that you actually care about what they are saying and aren't just a person in a pile of followers who just want to be followed back themselves.

3. If they allow you to, join their personal sites follow page and ask them to join yours if they like it. Also, it's okay to post a few comments on their actual site as well. Start building that personal relationship and be transparent with it. Things shouldn't be just one-sided. Also, consider that people can be busy and may not respond right away, but once they set that time aside to reach out to people, I'm sure they will. You must also do the same. Practice what you "tweet."

4. Stay involved on twitter, no that doesn't mean tweet every single minute of your life, but make sure you keep pushing what your niche is out there and re-tweet things that are actually interesting to you that you think others may find interesting. I don't suggest just sitting around re-tweeting what everyone else is saying, have your own voice out there and stay true to it, believe me it pays off in the long run.

5. Balance your social media to fit your lifestyle and don't forget to feed the dog, take out the trash, pick your child up from soccer practice and meeting the husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend for that romantic dinner you planned two weeks ago.Little Jimmies been yelling for help with his science project for a while now, help him now and tweet later. I don't think it would go over well if you're always online 24/7 and miss a dinner date with that special someone all in the name of "tweeting." Hallelujah! (And this doesn't mean tweet while at dinner with them either, put it down!)

 There are many things that I agree is very important and is probably happening right now, while you read this. It's quite alright to love social media and making connections, I love it and there's a difference between being passionate about it and being plan addicted to it. So go ahead and tweet, but don't forget about the things that matter most, your loved ones. You don't have to send them ten messages to get an approval, they already approve.

Tinzley Bradford


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