Saturday, February 12, 2011

Take a Few Minutes to Hear This Beautiful Song by Marvin Sapp

I wanted to share this song with anyone who may need to hear it. You're going through things and it seems like there is no ending to it. You often wonder when will it stop, I've suffered enough? Just know that God has His hands on you. This song gave me strength and reasoning to not give up or give in. Marvin Sapp, I thank you.
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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you received something from this song as I did.

Tinzley Bradford


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why do we suffer? Does it really make us Stronger...Remember Job?

I sit today thinking about everything that's going wrong. Wondering why bad things happen to good people? Wondering when my breakthrough will come? I'm questioning why and how people can be so cruel?  If only they could truly see me for who I am, they would know I’m a good person. Why is this happening, I serve God and do what’s right? Yes I question a lot of things. Then I remember Job and how God allowed even him, one of His most dedicated servants to lose everything he had including his family. I remembered how Job suffered with Leprosy a terrible disease. I think about the faith Job had even while dealing with all of this. I can only imagine what this must have felt like and question how could Job still be so accepting of all of this? How did he not complain and become angry even to those who loved him and simply wanted to help? Job believed that just as the Lord gives, he too taketh away. Because of his faith in God despite of all the bad things that happened to him, God gave him even more in return.

I now get it! I realize that what God has already done is enough. If He doesn't do anything else for me, He's already done enough. I am blessed, I have food to eat and didn't go hungry, I am working even in a struggling economy, I have a place to live and call home and a wonderful loving family who'd do anything for me. I have terrific friends who love me. I know that even through the mist of the storm, I have just what I need. So just because I didn't get what I wanted when I wanted, God has a plan for my life. He has a plan for yours too just have faith in Him. Stay strong and don't complain anymore, I know it will be tough because we are all human and we feel the need to vent which is perfectly fine, but just don't allow your circumstances to dominate who you are and what you are destined to be.

Today, tell someone that everything is going to be okay. Look them in their eyes and let them know you really care about them. Be a blessing to them and continue to believe and trust in God even when the going gets tough. He knows what’s best for you so worry no more...If you give it up, you can have it all. I remember MC Hammer saying that some years ago. I really believe that to be true, so let someone know today that it's okay. Thanks for stopping by!

A little information about the book of Job..

Tinzley Bradford

Friday, October 29, 2010

How Can You Get Closer To Your Destiny?

This is a question many people ask themselves all the time, this is something that I'm almost certain everyone wants to know how to do. We are all here for a purpose, but what is it? " How can we get closer to our destiny?" I've been looking for ways to find out just what I'm supposed to be doing and how to do it. I have put together a few tips on ways that may help you get closer to your destiny.

1.I have come to the conclusion that finding your true meaning is not being afraid to take risks. You have this vision that only you see and know in your heart will work if only you were given a chance. Sometimes instead of waiting to be given a chance, you have to take a chance. You may not end up exactly where you want to, but you'll be headed in the right direction. Swim with fish, not seaweed.

2. Don't let lack of support or belief from others hold you back from your destiny. Sometimes we are our own biggest fans and may be the only ones who truly believe in our dreams; you know what, “There is nothing more beautiful than knowing your value." Someday everyone will, don't quit. It’s a mighty long walk, especially when you're trying to walk backwards.

3. Being too stuck in your ways and not allowing other likeminded people to suggest ideas that may benefit you both. I think the biggest mistake people make is thinking they can do everything alone. Its okay to believe in yourself, but never think for a minute you won't need other peoples help along the way. The main person you're dodging could end up being the one who gives you the deal. Don't ever burn your bridges...

4. Do a bit of what you love everyday even if it's just a simple idea that you write down on a sheet of paper, or maybe a new contact you met online you decided to reach out to, it could be a simple encouraging post on your blog, face book or twitter page that motivates you and others, or even just a thought that crosses your mind. Do something each day that you love and you know will lift you up mentally. 

5. Finally, don't spend too much time on negative thoughts or in negative conversations. Notice I said "don't spend too much time." I say this because it's just human nature to think negative at times, but don't allow it to upstage your true meaning in life. Get it out and be done with then move on. You have much to do like continue to reach your true destiny ; and trust me talking negative time after time again will not get you to that place. I have been learning this myself and at the end of the day there is just no room for it in my life. Meditate and listen to what God is trying to tell you, you know He doesn't have anything negative to say.

"Each time you make a decision to move toward the life you say you want, you are doing your most important spiritual work. I call these daily choices your 'holy moments.'"
—  Oprah

Everyday I work to get better at what I do. Everyday I strive to be a better person, forgive me if I make mistakes for I am only human. Everyday I pray for an answer that just makes sense. Everyday I get that much closer to my destiny.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you were able to take something helpful away at the very least; think of ways to get to that place of destiny.

Tinzley Bradford

Friday, October 15, 2010

You Are The Head Not The Tail....

You are the head not the tail

Today I want to spread some love to all those special people who just need to hear something nice including me. Today I would like everyone to spread the love!

I'd like to hug that lonely child who misses her mom and wishes dad would just show up while she sits lonely in foster care dreaming of a different life. It's okay to dream sweetie, and know you are never alone as long as you just believe things will get better; then they will. This hugs for you. You are the head not the tail, you are a leader.

This blessing wish is for that family who just can't seems to make ends meet. You're not making much money and the bills just keep on coming. It's hard for lots of people we all embrace you and pray for victory.I pray right now for a blessing that will get you right where you need to be, I pray for overcoming adversity and in Jesus name a miracle for you and your family. This too shall pass.

This is for that teenager who's left feeling like an outcast just for being different. For all the names they call you, for all the cruel jokes that play on you for all the harm they attempt to do to you, and for all of those who are trying to break you. I love you and wish I could just give you a hug right now. No body said life would be easy but if only they knew how hard it truly is for some of us, they would learn to love more. This hugs for you. You are in my prayers.

This is for that smart intelligent person who has a vision but no one  believes in you. People  try to down play your gifts making you feel like a loser. I pray for a break to come to you when you need it most yet never expected it. I pray that you have the strength to make it through and the ability to fight and stand firm in what your vision is and stay true to yourself. I believe in you so don't give up! Take this big warm embrace you are more than a conquer, .

Listen, life is a funny thing. There will be good times and there will be bad times. I encourage you to keep your eye on the prize to never ever let anyone tell you that you can't and to stick with it, even if you're doing it for free. When you're doing what you love someday the right people will notice and it will be just a matter of time. Just remember whenever you're in a position to help others, you should do it. Blessings come in disguise. You are the head not the tail, keep your head up!

Tinzley Bradford

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Mother Daughter "Weight Loss" Challenge

Me and my daughter working it off!

I've been talking about my daughter and I and our weight loss challenge. On September 25th, we decided to "Lose The Weight!" I wanted to let you in on the journey and can't wait for the great results once we accomplish our goals. This is definitely something good that we should all add to our life. Exercise!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Tinzley Bradford

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Just Makes Sense.....

Are you happy? How do you know if you are? What are you doing if you aren't? With all the things to worry about in today's world like troubled relationships, not feeling valued, not making ends meet,  being single but wanting love, feeling like evil people are plotting against you, feeling as if no one’s on your side and the list goes on and on. There are tons of things that could make a person no longer have that "glow" that everyone often notices they usually have.

Stop it I say stop it! I've been doing some soul searching; I wanted to see if all the worry and fret over things we have no control over was even worth it. I spent one day doing nothing but thinking about how things hadn't gone the way I'd wished,  I thought about people who I thought were in a position to help and how they turned their backs on me and I never saw it coming, I worried about what others were thinking, ( totally not me ) I thought about everything negative that could come to mind. By the end of the day, I was nervous, worried, anxious, couldn't think or speak clearly, wasn't myself and even felt like others hated me. I realized I had become very tired, exhausted and sad. (Not a good feeling)

The very next day I decided to start my day off with happy thoughts, I met with some of my dear friends, told jokes like old times, spent the entire day on an outing with them, laughed, embraced, talked to God, didn't worry or stress, didn't allow the enemy to win, I reflected on all the good people in my life who I know love and care for me, all the good things that have happened to me. By the end of the day, I was singing Yolanda Adams "Be Blessed."

It felt good being happy, knowing God has my back, knowing my true friends would never let me sink nor would they plot evil things behind my back, knowing that my family was rooting for me and supporting anything I decided to do, knowing that I'm loved. I realized that people can be cruel and just plain unhappy with themselves so therefore, they don't want others to be happy so they try to block their blessings. Don't worry it's not you, it's them. If you know your heart and you know God knows your heart then stand firm in your word and don't let them break you. You will be just fine. In a world where it's easy to just give up, give in and be sad; I choose joy because at the end of the day "Happy Just Makes Since."

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't let them break you

Today's motivation is, never let anyone break you no matter what! When you love something so much and you're passionate about it just keep on doing it no matter what; someday it will pay off! There will be those who envy you, there will be those who wish you'd fail, and there will be those who will try to make you fail; but don't let them steal your ambition ever. Nobody ever said the road would be easy, but I know God hasn't brought me this far to leave me. Hang in there anyone who maybe going through this right this very moment! You are more than a conquer. You are the head and not the tail. You will make it through! Just believe!

Tinzley Bradford