Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why do we suffer? Does it really make us Stronger...Remember Job?

I sit today thinking about everything that's going wrong. Wondering why bad things happen to good people? Wondering when my breakthrough will come? I'm questioning why and how people can be so cruel?  If only they could truly see me for who I am, they would know I’m a good person. Why is this happening, I serve God and do what’s right? Yes I question a lot of things. Then I remember Job and how God allowed even him, one of His most dedicated servants to lose everything he had including his family. I remembered how Job suffered with Leprosy a terrible disease. I think about the faith Job had even while dealing with all of this. I can only imagine what this must have felt like and question how could Job still be so accepting of all of this? How did he not complain and become angry even to those who loved him and simply wanted to help? Job believed that just as the Lord gives, he too taketh away. Because of his faith in God despite of all the bad things that happened to him, God gave him even more in return.

I now get it! I realize that what God has already done is enough. If He doesn't do anything else for me, He's already done enough. I am blessed, I have food to eat and didn't go hungry, I am working even in a struggling economy, I have a place to live and call home and a wonderful loving family who'd do anything for me. I have terrific friends who love me. I know that even through the mist of the storm, I have just what I need. So just because I didn't get what I wanted when I wanted, God has a plan for my life. He has a plan for yours too just have faith in Him. Stay strong and don't complain anymore, I know it will be tough because we are all human and we feel the need to vent which is perfectly fine, but just don't allow your circumstances to dominate who you are and what you are destined to be.

Today, tell someone that everything is going to be okay. Look them in their eyes and let them know you really care about them. Be a blessing to them and continue to believe and trust in God even when the going gets tough. He knows what’s best for you so worry no more...If you give it up, you can have it all. I remember MC Hammer saying that some years ago. I really believe that to be true, so let someone know today that it's okay. Thanks for stopping by!

A little information about the book of Job..

Tinzley Bradford

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