Friday, June 18, 2010

Talk About Doing Good Things (Oprah Gets It )

I recently read an article about Oprah Winfrey and how she gave each person on her staff $10,000 an ipod and and ipad. I look at that as just a beautiful thing and the fact that she didn't have to do it makes it even more beautiful. I know in this world, material things aren't all that matters. I know that the idea of just plan giving is enough no matter how big or small. I know that there are people who wish they could give but can't. I also know there are people who can give, but don't. A few things I know for sure that we can all give. Love, understanding, appreciation, acceptance, a listening ear, a helping hand, and the gift of a smile.

I often ask how does Oprah do it? How does she want to just give that much of her money away? I then watch her re-runs from my "Oprah's 20th Anniversary" collection and realized, Oprah has a gift and her gift is the ability to love people, a gift that each of us love to receive.

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And make sure you do something good today.

Tinzley Bradford

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