Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Find Your Voice and Stay True to it!

Whether it's high or low, big or small, short or tall. Do it with confidence and stay true to it. I recently began to review my old posts on not only this blog, but my relationship blog
I realized that I have been pretty consistent with my posts and have stayed true to what I feel the need to share. I am ready to broaden my horizons and do even more in blogging. I will be launching a niche blog real soon that will be for brand advertisements and articles based on products and services. It will be my first review, product/niche blog for brands. I'm too excited about it and I do plan on continuing my personal blogs here on Eblogger. I just think I could do so much more as a blogger!I know someday there will be tons of traffic, but for now I'm just trying to find and keep what makes me genuine. My words!

This will be my opportunity to see if I can be a sales woman as well as a blogger. Check out these links below on brands, FTC and bloggers.

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Tinzley Bradford

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