Saturday, August 7, 2010

Loving My New Look! Do Something Wild and Different! Make That Change!

Today I am feeling so good. Got a new style and just loving it! It's amazing how when you try something different, many times it can bring out things in you that otherwise you wouldn't have known existed.( Motivation!) Always take the time to recognize your own beauty. It's okay, there's a difference between cocky and confident. Cocky people tend to be-little others and feel no one can do anything better than them. Confident people have belief in themselves and know they can do anything if given the chance. Today, began to change somethings in your life that's been the same for a long time and needs to be upgraded. That could mean your hair, your style, the route you take to work, your circle of friends, and most importantly your attitude. Make that change!

Tinzley Bradford


  1. You're lookin' HOT, mama!! I love the new style!

  2. Thanks Tree, I really appreciate it.