Sunday, July 25, 2010

I let an elderly couple get the parking spot

I'd been circling around for about a good seven minutes in hope of finding a parking spot close to the entrance of the mall. Not because I'm lazy, but because it was so hot that the closer to the entrance, the less time in the sun. Whew!

Finally, I spotted one just a few feet away from the entrance. I noticed a car backing out and I was positioned next to get the spot when suddenly, I saw an elderly couple pull up with a signal on indicating they too were after the spot. They then saw me there first and I could tell they really wanted the spot, but tried to respect me for being there first.

I've always had a soft spot for the elderly and just love to see them happy. I kindly gestured for them to go ahead. In my mind I'm like, well looks like I'll just have to be hot. I noticed his face lit up as he waved excitedly as if to say," Wow, people still care in this world?"  His sweet heart sitting patiently beside him nearly broke her neck to honor me for giving them the spot. I smiled and waved as I past what was suppose to be my spot. I ended up parking very far away, then I realized it wasn't so bad after all and at the same time, I'd made things easier on someone else. Felt good!

I know my blessings come from how I treat others and selfless acts of kindness. How horrible would it have been if I'd dashed into the spot forcing them to have to circle around in hopes of finding a closer spot themselves?We have got to look a little deeper at our actions and think with our hearts a little bit more, spread a bit of love to even strangers. It makes a world of difference.

I went inside to discover the shirt I wanted which was originally $29.00, had been marked down and additional 25% off; left me paying a low $13.00. I know it was part of my reward for doing a bit of something good. Even if it wasn't, you can't beat the feeling of knowing you have Gods favor and the day only got better.  Do something good today it will make you smile and it will make a difference. Have a good day, thanks for stopping by.

Tinzley Bradford

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