Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today I Will Adjust my Sails, I Love Life!

One of my favorite quotes, "The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change; the leader adjusts the sails." ~John Maxwell

What do you do when you are dealing with a very sensitive, self absorbed, manipulative, sneaky and very condescending person who doesn't feel they are any of the things I just mentioned?  You change the way you deal with them, that's what you do. I'm done complaining about this person who seems to whine their way into not being ousted and seems to play "victim" quite well. You know that type who seems to think no one likes them, no one respects them and no one wants to "play" anymore?  It's all good as long as people are walking around with fake smiles and constantly placating to this persons needs and wants with no questions, but the moment that stops and this person is expected to actually hold a real conversation that requires them to think and involves more than " What kind of shoes they chose to wear and why they chose them, or how cute your eye makeup is today, here we go with the victim role. Give me a break! You're not dealing with a kid whose upset because you took their ice cream, you're dealing with adult people who have lives and families and who just want to be treated fairly.

Another favorite quote, "You really realize just how important someone else can be when you're no longer the star of your own life." — Clint Black, country singer.

I'm noticing that this person is the star of their own life and it's never them it's always other people who just for some reason suddenly stopped  "liking them." Just out of the blue, just like that, they didn't entice it they are simply being, " victimized." I have decided that my family, my real friends, my daughter and all the people who matter in my life are who I will pay most attention to. I will no longer allow this person in my personal space only to turn around and be deceived. I will feed this person with a very long handle spoon, but make sure I smile while I do it. I will continue to work hard in life towards achieving my goals and the right people who matter will someday take notice. I know that only God has the answers to many of our questions and I just have to trust in Him. Today I am adjusting my sails! I suggest you try adjusting yours, because only you can make "YOU" happy! Have a wonderful day and remember to make those changes so that you can keep your joy!

Tinzley B

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