Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Doing good only gets better....

Today while I was at work on my way from lunch, I looked back and noticed a guy heading my way with a fully loaded cart of something I'm assuming he needed. I looked at him and asked, " Are you coming this way?" He replied, " Yes." I held the door so he could get in with out such a struggle and possibly dropping something. He thanked me and asked me if I like chocolate. "Of coarse" I said yes. He gave me a candy bar pre-packaged with what ever organization he works with on the label. I looked at him, smiled, accepted the candy bar and asked, "Who are you?" I know I hadn't seen him before. He told me his name, we shook hands and he walked off.

For a few minutes we made a connection, one I'm certain he won't forget and neither will I. When I noticed the organization he works with, it brought tears to my eyes, for I knew this was a strong, kind, loving yet dedicated man. Glad I had the pleasure to meet him.

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