Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Now she can remove all the tags off all her pillows and comforters....YAY!

So I wasn't sure if this fit in the category of doing something good. Then I thought about it and said; because of the information I shared, this woman can go home and freely cut all the tags off all her pillows and comforters she'd  felt forced to leave on her entire life. YAY!!!

I was out shopping the other day looking for some pillows to match my sofa. (I found some gorgeous ones by the way.) I ran into a lady who was doing the same thing, she and I both spoke about how nice the selection of pillows were, then she said," If only I didn't have to keep those stupid tags on them, they would be even prettier." I looked at her and said," Why would you have to keep the tags on them, you're the consumer and they become yours once you leave the store." She replied, yes but I thought it said...OMG it says the tags can only be removed by the consumer!! OMG I'm going home and cutting all those tags off everything!! Thank you !!" I don't think I've ever seen anyone more excited, (maybe except for me once I learned I could remove the tags.)

Apparently, she just like me, used to read only part of the tags and only noticed the part that says, "Under the penalty of law, this tag not to be removed except by the consumer." I often thought that was silly so one day I just really looked at it and read it, that's when I noticed.

I'm certain it's not like I just saved the world from some sort of attack, but I can proudly say, this woman can and will be tag free. And just think of how many of her friends lives she's going to make a difference in? I just told one of my friends the other day as well, and she was just as surprised.

How many will you cut today? It's okay, we are all guilty of thinking we'd go the jail or be on Americas most wanted  if we didn't leave the tags on our pillows. Hmmm, that sounds like it could be a movie or something. It can be called," Remove Your Tags And Die!!" I'll check with my agent, good day all!

Tinzley Bradford


  1. That is too funny!! I remember years ago when I finally figured out that I was the "consumer" and could remove the tags without facing jail time. WHEW! What a relief. LOL

  2. I know Tree, this is amazing. I think there are many who only read that one top line that says Don't Do It!!!