Friday, April 16, 2010

Today I Left Nice Comments on Someones Blog

I was surfing and came across a blog titled, " I'm pregnant and he wants out of his responsibilities." I could tell the poster was a scared, lost confused and hurt individual. I could feel her fear, sadness, frustrations, and feelings of deception through her tone. I could also feel her need for someone to not judge her, but to understand her if only just for that moment. She was married, had an affair with a married man and she got pregnant with twins. Suddenly, he no longer loves her and has decided to stay with his wife, even though he said he would leave his wife for her.

This is a tough one, but what I had to do is take a nice long look at the issue and not pass judgment on this poor, sad, lonely, woman who was just looking to be loved; I had to look at what's right instead of who's right. I know I have wanted to be loved too and God only knows the things I've done just to feel loved. I left a comment that I thought would sort of guide her through this issue, I included it below. I went to work this morning feeling like I made a difference. I didn't even know this woman, but I felt for her. I went to work feeling like I knew she was better, and she now knows there are still nice people out there who truly care and  understand. I never seen her a day in my life, but I feel like we made a connection, which will last a life time.

What good thing did you do today? I'd love to know, please post in the comments section so we can talk about it. Thank you for visiting.

Tinzley Bradford

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