Saturday, April 24, 2010

The other day, I told a woman her hair was beautiful....

While I was on my way in Walmart, I was greeted by an older woman who was working the door as a greeter. I had a return to make so she stopped me and asked to tag my bag. Usually I would have gotten irritated because I know I don't steal, so why does my bag need to be tagged?  I'd just witnessed someone ahead of me being not so nice, and treating this lady like she was a nobody. I could see this lady looked to be at retirement age, trying to make ends meet. The look on her face and the energy she gave was that of someone afraid and not knowing where they stood in life. Not to mention the person ahead of me who'd just snatched a bag back from her and stormed off without even saying thank you. I could tell this woman was hurt by that, and God only knows how many people had been treating her that way all day long.

What if she was a grandmother who'd recently taken custody of her grandchildren for what ever reason? What if her husband, soul mate, and only person she had to support her recently fell sick and they can't afford the medical expenses, so she has to go back to work? What if she just lost everything she had in her retirement ( remember Enron?) and now she had to go back to work?

All she wants is to do her job and do it well. All she wants is to service customers the way she was trained.All she needs is to be loved.I thought can I be that someone she needs, just for the moment?

I looked her in her eyes as she scanned my bag, smiled and said,"your hair is beautiful and fits you well!" Her face lit up and she smiled back and began to tell me how much easier it is to manage. It was salt and pepper and was cut in the prettiest style. She handed my bag back, smiled and told me the service desk was straight down to my left. I said "Thank You!"

Tinzley Bradford

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