Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do something good, tell someone something nice today.

Have you ever felt that you don't know where you stand or where you should stand? You felt uncertain of what your next steps are or what your next steps should be. You didn't know if your best was good enough or simply not enough.  Like you have drive that's faster than the average person and at times too fast for even you to keep up with?

If so what do you do about it? How do you approach or handle it? Let me tell you what I did today.
Today I told someone how creative, talented and awesome they are. I did this because they are and because they needed to hear it. I notice many times people may feel they are doing good, but just don't quite know for sure. ( And barely hear it from the "right people.")The olden days of doing good, working hard, and being recognized for the outstanding job has changed a little. These days you must toot your own horn every now and then just to let other people know, you are confident, dependable, and knowledgeable at what you do, that's why you're still doing it. And doing it well!

People are afraid to speak highly of themselves which is understandable, they don't want to come across as a bragger; so why not do it for them?

I told this person the kind words because it made me feel good to make them feel good. I think when you share kind words, they will come back to you ten fold. It's funny because the moment I told the person these things, a heavy weight just lifted off my shoulders and I could think, breath, and see clearly. I could tell what I said made this persons day and for the remainder of the day,I could hear the energy and confidence through their voice. They felt like they could take on the world. They felt like there was nothing they couldn't do. They felt like they should always feel.

 Do something good, tell someone something nice today.

Tinzley Bradford


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  2. You are saying truth.. My English is not good.. But I like your words.. Iam a student.. I want to do something good to someone..But how? You gave me a good answer.. Thank You..