Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today I gave kudos to three women with a cause...

Today while on Twitter, I noticed a tweet from twitter user who I follow "@Bethebutterfly." It was titled " 3 Inspiring Women Who Are Helping To Heal The Planet 

I enjoy knowing and reading about people who inspire others so I immediately visited the link she provided. When I read the article, I felt like I'd been re-born. I felt like for a few minutes the nation was a place free of pollution, and everyone was on the same page, and change was being made in millions of peoples lives all because these three women chose to use their lives to make a difference.

I thought about how brave this is of them and how if only we all chose our lives to make a difference in the lives of millions, what a world this would be. I know it's tough trying to figure out that" thing" you do so well, that "difference" you hold the key to making. Trying to figure out what it is you can do to contribute. Can I say just reading about others is a huge start. Sharing the great things others do with your friends and family,spreading the word every chance you get is a huge start to change.

Just think about the millions who will read about these women and other people just like them.

These three women in the article I read aren't the first who have chose this route in their lives and I'm sure they won't be the last, but let their lives inspire yours, then you can take baby steps towards positive change. and realize what that "thing" is you were meant to do.There's a reason for everything, you have a purpose; try to figure it out.

Tinzley Bradford

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