Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today make it about you.. Work on you when needed.

How are ya feeling these days? Are you feeling fresh and renewed or overwhelmed with no clue? If you chose the latter you may need to seek ways to make "yourself" feel better. There are many reasons people feel overwhelmed and there are many ways to tone things down a bit in your life, that you may not feel have been causing this feeling. I have put together a few things that may cause one to be overwhelmed and a few ways to alleviate the feeling.

1.Wanting everyone to like you and doing way too much to try to make them. This causes stress and unnecessary worry in your own life. Expecting a certain reaction when you do or say something and when you don't get it, you sit and wonder if that person likes you or not. You then try other things and ways to make them appear to like you. This is ridiculous to me. There is a lot you could be doing with all your positive energy that doesn't include trying to be a "people pleaser." Try smiling, treating the person nice, but not stressing yourself out for their approval. What it all boils down to is, "everyone's not meant to be your friend!" Embrace the loyal, positive, fun ones you have and leave the dry ones thirsty for attention. Trust me, once they see you aren't as active with them,they will then try to do things to bond with you. Then maybe they will began to like you on their own.

2.Taking on more than you can handle, and knowing it. Are you that "yes" person who just doesn't know how to say no or maybe without feeling you've let someone down? I used to be that person, but not anymore. If you want to appear on top of everything to the point you take on everything, eventually the stress will catch up with you and you will crash and burn. Can I say be productive, but keep it balanced in your life? Don't worry if you can't get to it, someone will. Even though you may be excellent at what you do, you are not captain savior and there is only so much you should truly say you can do. Even with friends, if you usually come to events and this time you can't make it or don't feel like it, just say it.This gives you time to change your mind should you decide to go anyway, instead of feeling obligated to go because you promised weeks ago. Then your appearance will be a pleasant surprise. And you can say "I" decided to come, had a little extra time.

3.If you're happy great,if you're not happy find things to brighten your day. Walking around trying to fake it can become a huge burden on your shoulders. If you are miserable you can only hide it so long before the horns start to pop up and you find yourself snapping on that person at work who only asked you where the printer paper is kept. People don't think this really works, but breathing in and out really slow can relieve tension. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Go ahead try it! Hmmmm feels good doesn't it? Try meditating on what you feel maybe making you unhappy and work on it. If it's money problems ask a friend for a loan, you'll be surprised how many people are willing to jump in for a friend in need, even if you didn't want to have to ask. Go stand outside and just look at the trees as they wave at you, look at the sky and how pretty it is. Smile and think of good things you have done for someone. What ever you do find out the source of your misery and work towards healing. You will be surprised at how many therapist and experts have blogs and articles that fit issues that may cause unhappiness. Google search and read your way to self improvement. Trust me, this will make you happy.

4.Saying things you don't really mean. If you say something mean it. If not you will then have to explain why you said it in the first place. Example, if someone asks you if you like key lime pie and you say yes it's good. Then two days later they show up all excited with a fresh key lime pie for you and you say," Nice, but I don't really care for key lime pie." How do you explain that? How do you think that would make someone feel, even you? Say what you mean and mean what you say.

The good I see in this is making positive change in not only your life, but others as well. When you feel well, everyone you come in contact with has a better chance of feeling well too.There are many things that cause unhappiness or misery that you can control, you just have to start doing it. I would share more, but I have to get ready for work. Besides, I don't need the stress of being late for no real reason. Good day and I hope this article sheds some light. Thanks for visiting.

Tinzley Bradford

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