Friday, May 7, 2010

There are ways to not let "it" become you. Embrace the differences in others.

What do you do when you've done all you can, when you've given your all, when you've worked extra hard, yet still you seem to feel this tension? Well, you just keep doing all you can, giving your all and working extra hard. Chances are, the person making you feel tense, could be going through the same thing you are, or worse. (people are strange little beings)

Today I didn't allow that to bother me, I held my head up high, kept a smile on my face, and did a heck of a job. I used to let the vibes I picked up from others interfere with the way I was feeling. I didn't understand why or how a person one day could smile, treat you like a jewel, and make you feel special. Then the next day look at you like you stole something, barely speak and make you feel like crap? I finally realized after taking it personally one too many times, that people are different. Many of them have other things going on that they may not know how to hide or handle, therefore they tend to show their emotions towards whoever steps in front of them next. Even if you've done nothing but an awesome job the entire time they've known you. Just be thankful you don't have burdens you wear everyday.

I later realized that, I have to continue to be proud of myself and know my value no matter what someone else may try to do to make me feel less than a person. I have to know that the differences in others is what makes them unique and it's not always my job to get them told, or show them a thing or two; it's my job to embrace what I have no control over. To love even when I don't feel it back, to smile even when I feel like crying, to share nice thoughts even when I may want to curse someone out, and to embrace the differences of others, even when I want to cut them off.

This makes a difference in your balance, your mental stability and your joy. If you weigh yourself down with other peoples burdens, you'll never see above solid ground. The good I see in this is, being the loving, caring, kind person you always are may very much be what others need.

Let "your" light shine!

Tinzley Bradford

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