Monday, May 24, 2010

Today, is the beginning of a brand new day....Leave your worries behind

Today, I decided to not worry, not let little things get under my skin, not stress over things, not worry about my job, not carry unhappy thoughts around, not neglect myself, not neglect my family, not say mean things to people that I'll never be able to take back, forgive everyone who has ever hurt or disappointed me.

I already feel this weight lifting up off of me. I feel free like I can start over and catch up, like I can start fresh and still excel  , like it's nothing I can't do. Today I will tell someone else to do the same, I will tell someone else to go for the gold and reach for the stars. Today I will smile and hope my positive energy spreads to many many people who need it. Today I place all my worries in Gods hands and know that everything is going to be okay for you and for me. Whoever you are, just know that even if no one else has said this to you in a while; I love you, you are a beautiful person, you are a smart person, there is nothing you can't do, you too should leave your worries behind and start today fresh.

When it's all said and done, you are more valuable than you think.

Tinzley Bradford

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