Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I realized what truly inspires me,

That smile I give to even strangers.( A smile from you can bring out the best in others.)

Letting people get in front of me in traffic. (It's just traffic, it's not their fault.)

Being  patient with people and situations that I have no control over.( I don't roll my eyes, I just listen.)

My ability to connect with others on a personal level. (It's not just about me.)

Holding the door while the mother and her 4 kids walk out.(Just a few seconds of my time to make something easier for someone else.)

Going to work and giving 110 percent everyday, despite of.( It's all about the customers, not me.I know the right people already see me)

Paying my mortgage each month. (What a blessing it is to have a home, even though two rooms and a bed would suffice.)

Telling someone if they need me for anything just let me know.( And meaning it)

Being there for my daughter and my family.( No matter what )

Smiling at a little toddler and it's proud parents.( Priceless )

Knowing that life is what I make it, and choosing joy over pain.( No one said it would be easy

Being a no nonsense type of woman.( Keeps me out of trouble )

Living for God no matter what the naysayers do.( It's not about anyone else, He created this world and everything in it.)

Telling someone who I care about, that I love them.( It means a lot to people )

Performing simple acts of kindness just because.Sometimes the smallest act, can be the most powerful. Keep doing good...

So, take a few minutes and just share, what inspires you? 

Tinzley Bradford

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